Ruto’s security guard injured in a fight at DP’s Karen residence

Ruto’s security guard injured in a fight at DP’s Karen residence after fighting a subordinate staff on Thursday, July 21.

Deputy President William Ruto’s security guard attached to Karen residence is nursing serious injuries after fighting a gardener.

According to reports, there was an argument between the corporal and the gardener before a fight broke out.

The officer and two others who were present said the gardener, Nicholas Kibiwot Rono had on Thursday arrived past midnight and became rowdy at the entrance of the private residence.

“He picked up a fight with the officers at the entrance before one asked to escort him to his residence a few meters away,” said an officer present.

It was as Corporal Timothy Mugendi Rucha escorted Rono that the gardener picked a rungu he had and hit him on the head.

The officer fell down unconscious before his colleagues rushed to his help.

They then pinned down Rono and handcuffed him before calling for reinforcement.

The DP was not present at the time of the incident on Thursday morning but some of his family members were sleeping then.

And according to detectives looking into the incident, the gardener allegedly hit the officer in the back of the head.

“The officer was taken to a hospital in Nairobi in critical condition with multiple head injuries,” an excerpt of the police report reads.

The gardener was, nonetheless arrested pending arraignment in court.

He told the police that he was harassed at the entrance and felt humiliated.

However, Ruto’s communication team had not issued a statement regarding the incident by the time of publication. 

The DP is guarded by 257 security personnel drawn from different units, according to information released by Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiang’i. 

Out of the 257, 74 are presidential escort officers.

The inner layer of Ruto’s security is under the command of a commissioner of police, a senior superintendent of police and two chief inspectors.

121 officers drawn from the Administration Police and Prisons Service provide security at his residences in Nairobi, two homes in Sugoi and Eldoret, and private investments, including a poultry farm.

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