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Title race prediction in EPL after Man City miss chance to extend lead over Liverpool

Title race prediction in EPL after Man City miss the chance to extend lead over Liverpool in a draw against Crystal Palace.

Manchester City’s goalless draw at Crystal Palace means Liverpool will have the chance to narrow the gap to just a point, with the two set to meet at the Etihad next month.

Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher believe Manchester City and Liverpool could find their next few games more difficult as the pressure builds in the title race.

Despite dominating the game and creating numerous chances, Pep Guardiola’s side was unable to break the deadlock against Patrick Vieira’s resolute side.

Jurgen Klopp’s side have been in excellent form in the league, having won their last eight games to draw closer to the Blues.

And with the two set to meet in a crucial encounter at the Etihad next month, all eyes will be on the next few games, with City coming up against Burnley beforehand, while Liverpool also face Watford. 

Both sides would be expected to overcome those opponents, although Neville doesn’t see it being as easy as that.

Reflecting on City’s draw at Palace, Neville told Sky Sports: “Liverpool gain some confidence. I don’t think Manchester City drop too much confidence.

“But you look at those fixtures, which ones are the difficult ones, which ones will they pick up points, but then you throw the Champions League quarters in, you don’t know which teams they’ll be drawn against yet.

“You can imagine those games [the quarters], you throw two big Champions League games in around that Liverpool v Manchester City game, and you’ve got a lot to contend with in terms of your squad.

“Burnley becomes tougher, Wolves becomes tougher for Manchester City. On the other side, Watford become a little bit tougher and Villa for Liverpool. These games that look simple become a lot more difficult when you throw those big, big European nights in the midst of it as well.”

Carragher added: “For so long in the last few weeks, City have been six points ahead of Liverpool, but they’ve had the game in hand. But it’s still six points, you still have to win that game.

“I do feel the next game against Arsenal is absolutely huge. I think if Liverpool win away at Arsenal, physiologically that would really hurt City.

“Arsenal away and Manchester City away are the two big problems in Liverpool’s fixture list. Manchester City watching at home, Liverpool win at Arsenal, and go within a point and then they play Watford, you expect them to beat Watford.

“I actually think the fixtures, the next four for Liverpool and the next three for Manchester City could play a massive part. I do think the toughest games are right upon us right now.”

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