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U.S. police arrests Kenyan priest for defiling old parishioner

Kenyan priest arrested in U.S. for defiling old parishioner who worked as an employee of San Antonio Archdiocese in Texas.

A Kenyan-born priest was on Tuesday arrested in San Antonio, Texas in the United States for sexually assaulting an old parishioner.

The priest, who has served four congregations in Texas since 2017, came under investigation this year when a parishioner and church staffer accused him of serious sexual abuse.

Following the accusations, the San Antonio Archdiocese engaged a private investigator to look into the allegations.

According to the investigation, the private detective revealed that the parishioner had really been physically abused by the Kenyan priest three times starting in November 2022. 

At the time, the parishioner was working as an employee at St. Rose Lima Catholic Church in Texas when the incidents happened.

The parishioner informed the private detective that although she had sought the priest’s advice in search of spiritual guidance, he had instead preyed upon her frailty.

The archdiocese provided the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office with the files from the private investigator on September 19, having come to the conclusion that the priest had committed the crimes.

The file was received by Sheriff Javier Salazar who after completing his own investigations, arrested him on Wednesday, September, 27.

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Immediately after handing the file to Salazar’s office, the archdiocese suspended the priest and encouraged other victims, who could have been assaulted by the priest to come forward.

“We encourage anyone who is a victim of sexual abuse to contact law enforcement. We also ask that victims contact the archdiocesan Office for Victims Assistance and Safe Environment,” the church told its congregants.

The Sheriff’s office thanked the church for taking the matter seriously and making sure justice was served.

“It is really nice to see the Roman Catholic Church and the archdiocese leaning forward on this issue,” Salazar remarked after the arrest.

He added that the victim, due to some life experiences was in a very vulnerable position when the priest took advantage of her.

“Unfortunately for her, she chose somebody to confide in, to rely upon, that quite frankly preyed upon her,” he commented.

If found guilty of the crimes leveled against him, the priest will be formally excommunicated from the church.

Additionally, if the U.S. courts find him guilty, he will serve a jail term of 2 to 20 years.

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